Shonda Rhimes To Be Inducted Into The 2018 TV Hall of Fame

“All of these individuals are innovators who have shaped television and left an indelible mark on the medium and our culture,” said Hayma Washington, chairman and CEO of the Television Academy. “We are honored to welcome the latest group of distinguished individuals and look forward to showcasing their impacts for future generations.”

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Shonda Rhimes Signs Major Deal With Netflix, Leaving Behind ABC

“Shondaland’s move to Netflix is the result of a shared plan Ted Sarandos and I built based on my vision for myself as a storyteller and for the evolution of my company,” NBC reports Rhimes said in a statement. “Ted provides a clear, fearless space for creators at Netflix.”

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Shonda Rhimes Is Not Here For Cosby’s Sexual Assault Town Halls

Cosby’s publicist stated, ““When we initially talked about the town hall meetings, it was about restoration of legacy. Much of what Mrs. Cosby spoke on in her statement is the sensationalism brought on by the media. This is another example of that. To take something meant to talk about restoration of a man’s legacy that was destroyed by the media before he even had a chance to step into the courtroom. That’s what this is about.”

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SAY IT AIN’T SO?! Could This News Mean Daddy Pope will DIE on SCANDAL?

All of us who saw Scandal last night know Daddy Pope is fighting for his life. His fate lies in Shonda Rhimes pen, but wait til you read what Nikki Strong found out! It will definitely give you some insight or foresight as to what will actually happen to our beloved father that we love to hate to love – Daddy Pope! The hell & the hot water!

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