Allison and Marc’s Neighborhood: 3/13 – TK Kirkland Stops By The Neighborhood

Allison & Marc in the Afternoon keep you entertained weekdays on the radio.. and you never know who will stop their Neighborhood behind the scenes!


This week, TK Kirkland stopped by Allison & Marc’s Neighborhood to talk about his up coming shows here in DC.   Check out the full video below to see what TK Kirkland had to say in The Neighborhood!


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood with Allison Seymour & Marc Clarke! TK Kirkland stopped by to hang out and have some fun!

Posted by Allison Seymour & Marc Clarke on Friday, 13 March 2020

Sending a Big “Thank You” to TK Kirkland for stopping by Allison & Marc’s Neighborhood.  To find out more about TK Kirkland and everything they talked about in The Neighborhood during the interview.. click here


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