How Many More Mass Shootings Have To Happen?

As students, faculty, staff, and parents attempt to wrap their heads around WHY this happened, Americans nationwide are demanding Congress and President Trump make gun control a priority. And in case you forgot, almost a year ago to the day Trump signed a bill revoking Obama-Era gun checks for people with mental illnesses. And who gets to decide the fate of the lives of our children and innocent Americans? The NRA?

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How To Impeach A US President

So things aren’t looking too good for President Donald Trump, finally. It hasn’t taken too long for his messy practices to put Americans at significant risk. Trump is learning he cannot run the Free World like he ran the Apprentice boardroom. So as his corrupt ways are making their way to the forefront, and Republicans can no longer coverup his idiotic decisions, let’s discuss how the process of impeachment works. Shall we?

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