Games Over!

The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics have come to an end and there’s no time like the present to give you a brief and albeit mild humorous recap of some of the most memorable performances and of course, the medal count. Although we might not be familiar with the names of some of the names of each competition, we can confidently say that the names of the victors will forever remain fixtures in the history books. Note: this is about what happened IN the games not AT the games(think politics) lol.

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‘Fly Eagles, Fly’

Hey, the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions! The “City of Brotherly Love” is now the home of the Super Bowl LII Champs and I want to run a few highlights past you as we celebrate the culmination of one of the more memorable (for many reasons) football seasons in NFL history. So, take a seat and pass me a napkin as we recall some of the more memorable moments from last night’s’ game.

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Washington Redskins Welcome QB Alex Smith

So that happened! In a move that surely has Redskins fans stuck in emotional limbo, the Washington Redskins have agreed to trade for QB Alex Smith in exchange for a 3rd-Round Draft pick and CB Kendall Fuller. Breathe…! Now, let’s look beyond the emotional impact of what occurred and get down to the brass tacks and discover the potential benefits of this move. Here are three notes I think might be helpful as we process the reality of a new QB in DC!

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