Stepping Away From The Studio? Bryson Tiller Talks Life After Music

Bryson Tiller has accomplished a lot in five short years, from his 2015 debut album, “Trapsoul,” to being Grammy-nominated for his hit song “Exchange” it’s a wonder why Bryson would want to change careers.

According to Tiller, he’s been thinking of stepping away from music and stepping into the gaming world, “I have different career goals and things I want to do in life,” Tiller told WDRB News. “Right now, I want to go to college to study game programming and game design.”

Tiller often Livestreams his gaming sessions on Twitch and was recently featured in an Apex Legends ad on the Nintendo Switch.

Before Tiller completely steps back from music he does have one more accomplishment he wants to achieve, “I would love to make a pop album,” he said. “I made some pop songs when I was 17 and I always told myself if I really tried I could make a pop album. I’ve been living by the quote recently, ‘Don’t stop when you want to quit; stop when you’re done.’ I feel like I am not done yet.”

Are you currently eyeing a career change? Did you leap into a different career after years of being at another job? Share your story.