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Let’s focus on your family!

Women make 70% to 90% of a family’s health care decisions. Here are some ways to make health a family matter.

Improve your health literacy. Read about your health and the health of your loved ones. Share your new knowledge.

Anticipate your family’s health needs. Develop a wellness plan for each family member.

Exercise together. Get the whole family moving to improve and maintain their health.

Help your family eat well. The entire family can benefit from a healthy eating plan.

Help your love ones make wise health choices. Support your loved one’s efforts to quit smoking and avoid drugs and alcohol.

Choose safety. Prevent injuries and errors by taking safety precautions in all your family’s activities.

Help your family create balance. Help your loved ones identify sources of stress and work to minimize them.

– Fitness Friday Groove –

Artist: Michael Jackson
Song Name: They Don’t Care About Us

– Fitness Friday Exercise Program –

Now, for your exercise program for today Monday and Wednesday of next week…  It‘s all about your Thighs and Glut muscles. So here it is!


Let’s focus on your Lower body. We are going to do:

Lower Body Workout:

Single Leg Squats, Lunges, Alt Step Ups, Ad and Abductors

And for your Abs:

Crunches, Reverse Crunches


Three Way Calf Raises – Toes Straight, Toes Turned In, Toes Turned Out

You will do 4 sets of 8-12 repetitions. Then we will finish it all off with 30-40 minutes of cardiovascular activity. You can swim, bike, walk or run. But whatever you do, let’s get it in.

Remember your goal is to become Fit and Fabulous. So, work with what you have and all happening right here.

– Meet Me In The Kitchen –

And Let’s Discuss Cooking Vegetables So That They Taste Great:

DH_Vegetable Soul Medley_2

Fact: vegetables are good for you. They’re full of vitamins, nutrients, and lots of other stuff our body needs to function properly. And Vegetables can actually be really delicious.

Here’s Some Methods How You Can Make Them Right For You:
Boiling: All you need is a pot, some water, and maybe a little salt. It’s quick and convenient!

Steaming: Will soften your vegetables and because they’re not immersed in water, they don’t lose as many nutrients and preserves more of the flavor.

Sautéing: Vegetables, or stir-frying them, means cooking them over fairly high heat, and stirring them often. They will cook quickly and maintain their nutrient.


Personally, I like to roast my vegetables. And a lot of fall vegetables like squash taste great when roasted.

And when it comes to making heart-smart dietary choices – it’s a lot simpler than it may sound, especially once you get in the habit of healthy eating.

– Fitness Friday Guest –

Acting Surgeon RADM Boris Lushniak


We will be talking about Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk and The Health and Wellness of our Country. And The American Heart Association Heart Walk.

– Fitness Friday Fitness Feature –

Tico Armand


About Tico

Tico Armand was born in Haiti and raised in Brooklyn. She grew up in an era where being Haitian was tough, Tico was teased a lot growing up and that made her forge her own way through modeling and fitness. Due to life unfortunate circumstances she did not grow up with her mother and the presence of her father was short lived.

Modeling and fitness came to play because it allowed her a realm of fantasy that was the contrary to the reality that she lived. Tico enjoyed that world of fantasy and it became her avenue to express a part of her that many would not understand. She enjoy and love what she does. Although modeling have been the essential part of who she is when her grandmother passed away not too long after the earthquake in Haiti because of breast cancer, Tico felt lead to live a more health conscious lifestyle and start a movement to help other women get in shape in a fun and innovative way. Already an avid believer of healthy living Tico along with a friend started a movement called “Heels in Motion.” It’s a movement empowering women through safe, low impact fitness instructions a full body workout that will transform them inside and out with proven results. The workout consist of women in strapped heels to concentrate on intense cardio, self loving, stretching and a little bit of dancing. Men and children are also welcome to attend the classes that are held.

Tico’s vision is to be a power house for all that desire a change of lifestyle through fitness and self love. Her motto is “never give up on life and allow life to give up to you!”

She is a God fearing woman that’s passionate, driven, loves hard, practical, observant but most important just a big kid enjoying the runway of life with her heels in one hand, her heart in the other with her head angled for success.

Contact Information:

Facebook: Tico Armand
IG: Iamtico

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Enjoy your weekend, Peace!
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