It’s “Fitness Friday” 2015 Fitness Trends

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It’s “Fitness Friday” Now, for your 2015 Fitness, Let me tell you what’s trending and hot that you might like to incorporate into your Fitness program.





















10 of the Hottest Fitness Trends of 2015:

1. Treadmill Studios: With the entertaining aspects of new technology, group treadmill workouts are growing on the fitness scene. Making the workouts entertaining with great music and charismatic instructors, these new classes are putting the treadmill to exciting use.

2. Charcoal: Activated charcoal is going mainstream as an accessible new detox tool. Charcoal doesn’t just belong in the barbecue anymore. It now has a place in your skin-care regimen, your cold-pressed juice, and your medicine cabinet, too. Just don’t pull off the grill.

3. Juicing: Juices are no longer one-size-fits-all; soon there will be a juice for everyone, and every reason. You used to drink your green juice for the, well, leafy greens. Drink up! 

4. Cardio – the New Cocktail: A healthier kind of social life is emerging after-hours that blends fitness and yoga with nightclub bells, whistles, and DJs. When your best friend wants to get a drink after work, you may have to start asking her to clarify: green juice or Chardonnay?

5. Bone Broth: Bone broth is the new “it” wellness beverage.
Bone broth may be an ancient health remedy, but its modern moment has arrived.

6. Fashion Designers: Fashion designers have sweat envy, and are flocking to activewear, realizing they need workout lines to stay on-trend.

7. Barre: This is the year those who haven’t heard of barre—or haven’t taken a class yet—will. In 2015, everyone will know what barre workouts are. Since taking its name and fitness inspiration from sculpting ballet warm-ups, barre is gaining traction as the fastest growing fitness genre—and as the everywoman’s workout.

8. Sugar: We’ve known sugar isn’t great for us, but in 2015 its very unsweet side will the topic of a lot of buzz.

9. Meditation: Meditation is getting way cooler, moving beyond the usual suspects, and into the mainstream. Meditator is someone who cares enough about themselves to want to improve.

10. Shorter Sweat Sessions: This year will bring shorter, more intense workouts that are supported by science and loved by the time-strapped. Studies show that shorter workouts can be just as effective for things like weight loss, cardiovascular and muscle conditioning.

Happy Transformation!
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Darryl Haley

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