Muscle Mass vs. Muscle Definition


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Today it’s all about the shoulders. “Fitness is my Ministry.

I received a letter from Reverend Nathanial – in Los Angeles, California – Wanting to know about shoulder exercises – Building Muscle Mass vs. Developing Muscle Definition. He says – that I have recovered from a rotator cuff injury, finished my rehabilitation and ready to regain some size and definition. 

Well, reverend Nathanial and you – who would like to work on your shoulders. Here’s my recommendation.  Make your plan to work your shoulders twice a week with 48 hours of rest between each workout. 

Muscle Mass: Muscle Mass is getting the muscle to grow, to grow your muscles – you want to do LOW repetitions anywhere from 3- 6, using moderate to heavy weight, with long rest cycles.

Muscle Definition: Muscle Definition is all about your diet. You will need to have some muscle to define. Start out with a two month Mass Building phase to develop some quality muscle. Then move to the defining phase – doing high repetitions anywhere from 8+ and short rest cycles. This is also – where you will start – to tweak your diet, allowing yourself to lose unwanted body fat and began enjoying your muscle tone and definition.

Here are some shoulder exercises to get you started.

  1. Rear Lateral Dumbbells
  2. Side Lateral Dumbbells
  3. Front Laterals
  4. Barbell Shrugs



Meet me in the kitchen:

Today, it’s all about the 4th of July. And I know – you’re going to fire up the grill. Sence my roots come through the Bayou in the Pelican State – where Crawfish and Catfish is popular.

We’re going to make a Cajon Dry Barbecue Rub

It’s quick, easy to make, and will give your pork, chicken, beef and fish that dressed Louisiana flavor.



1/4 cup Coarse Salt (a little Less)
1/4 cup Paprika
1/4 Brown Sugar
1 T Dried Thyme
1 T Dried Oregano
1 T Coarse Pepper
1 T Onion Powder
1 T Garlic Flakes (or Granulated)
2 t White Pepper
2 t Cayenne Pepper
1 t Ground Bay Leaf

How to:

Combine all ingredients as shown. Add more Cayenne Pepper for additional heat. Rub on your favorite meat and let stand for an hour for maximum flavor. Grill rub side up … Wrap meet in foil for the last 30-40 minutes. Replace back on the grill.

Happy 4th of July,

Darryl Haley

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