Exclusive: Chrisette Michele Speaks Candidly About Trump Backlash, Suicide, Miscarriage Controversy And Strong Black Woman

I have so much respect for Chrisette Michele following this candid interview with WHUR‘s Wes Hall. Of course we’re all aware of the the headlines that have surrounded the Grammy Award-winning singer for the last ten months – backlash from performing at the Trump inauguration, hateful attacks on social media, being dropped from her distribution deal with a major label, revealing a miscarriage, contemplating suicide…. The list goes on and on. The sister couldn’t catch a break.

Chrisette walked into the WHUR studios Tuesday nervous and apprehensive yet humble, brave and with her head held high. She had already prepared herself for preconceived notions, the obligatory side-eye, tough questions, having to explain her actions and thought process. And like the STRONG BLACK WOMAN we’ve grown to know and LOVE over a decade-long career, she confronted every tough question head on, failing to minimize her role in any situation and taking full accountability and responsibility for her actions. Although not her intention, she admitted she was in fact wrong. And for that, RESPECT.

Chrisette Michele’s latest single “Strong Black Woman” highlights women who have overcome adversity and pushed through when the odds were against them. Its infectious beat and catchy lyrics are undeniable. STAY TUNED to WHUR to find out how you can win the singer’s line of Strong Black Woman gear.

Check out Wes Hall’s exclusive interview with Chrisette Michele here.



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