Black Female Pilots Make History

Last week, pilots Dawn Cook and Stephanie Johnson made history for Delta Air Lines.

Atlanta-based First Officer Dawn Cook and Stephanie Johnson, a Detroit-based captain, flew a mainline flight together in the cockpit. Cook reached out to Johnson when she discovered her plan to fly out of Detroit last Sunday. They facilitated the flight together.

Johnson also stands as Delta’s first African-American female captain. In February, the company started its “Delta’s Very Own Heroes” series, which highlighted the achievements of Delta’s African-American employees.

On the company’s website, Johnson said,” there are so few women in this profession and too many women who still don’t think of it as a career option… When I was hired by Northwest Airlines, there were 12 African-American women airline pilots in the country at the major airlines, and I knew all of their names.” She stands as the first African-American woman pilot for the Northwest Airlines in 1997.

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Contributed By Victoria Jonas 

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