Harvard’s Artist of the Year: Viola Davis

It has been a winning month for Viola Davis. Last week, she took home an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Fences. This week, she was honored as Artist of the Year at Harvard’s Cultural Rhythms Festival on Saturday. Davis now holds the Triple Crown of Acting with an Emmy, Tony and Oscar award.

Davis shared her frustrations while she attended Juilliard in the 90’s with the audience on Saturday. “I think it was the height of my anger; the chip on my shoulder, by the way. It was mainly because I felt my voice as an artist was being stifled,” said Davis during her acceptance speech.

However, Davis went on to a career of success after Juilliard. In 2001, she won a Tony award for “King Hedley 11.” In addition, her career-making role in “Doubt.”

Davis spoke on techniques as an actress:

“It’s a very scary place, the stage and the screen. At the end of the day, what I do as an artist is channel characters and their stories and those moments in their lives that were sometimes hide,” Davis said.

Davis hopes to live up to the expectations of her new award. “Can’t promise I won’t make some crap every once in a while.”

In the past, Harvard Artist of the Year honorees were Quincy Jones, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Will Smith, Salma Hayek and Queen Latifah.

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