Taraji P. Henson: “It’s supposed to be over for me at 46…”

In a recent interview, Washington, D.C. native Taraji P. Henson shed some light on her 20 year journey in the entertainment industry. It wasn’t by any means easy and the actress had to prove herself over and over again. Gradually Taraji began shattering glass ceilings and exhibiting versatility in roles.

In 2016 Taraji released a memoir Around The Way Girl.

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When asked what it was like growing up in Washington, D.C., Taraji said:

“Honey, I’m from the hood. Crack. Murders. Whole neighborhoods going under in a flash.”

Although the journey was challenging, Taraji was always confident she would become successful one day.

“This is the life I always saw for myself. You have to see yourself inside the dream, you know? Why you gonna do something to fail? No, baby, that ain’t me! I always wanted to be one of the big dogs.”

Taraji decided to take a leap of faith and travel cross country as a young single mom. No child was going to stop her grind.

“People thought I was crazy, but being a mom early enhanced my talent. It opened up a side of me that I didn’t know I had, that sense of duty and protection, and it kept me grounded in Hollywood.”

Taraji shares why she felt compelled to join the “Hidden Figures” cast.

“Growing up, math and science was for boys. I wasn’t allowed to have that dream. I don’t want another little girl growing up believing she can’t be a rocket scientist. F*ck that!”

Taraji admits she had to exercise patience and yet still she has a long way to go.

“It is quite groundbreaking, isn’t it? It’s supposed to be over for me at 46, but here I am. I’m a late bloomer, and I’m okay with that. Know why? Late bloomers last looong.”


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