The Obamas Set Sail On Yacht With Oprah

President Barack Obama appears to be so unbothered lately. Right? After eight years of holding the most important job in the world, I totally get it. He definitely earned it. We aren’t hatin’ at all.

Pictures recently surfaced of Michelle and Barack Obama, the coolest couple in the land, on board a luxury yacht in French Polynesia with none other than media mogul and friend Oprah Winfrey. Bruce Springsteen and Tom Hanks were also in attendance.

The Australian reports:

“The group were said to have boarded the Rising Sun, a 450ft yacht owned by David Geffen, the billionaire entertainment mogul, for an island-hopping tour of an archipelago west of Tahiti. The itinerary included a lunch on Vanilla Island, according to the Travel and Leisure website, and the group planned to go on to Bora Bora. The trip was due to end at The Brando, a luxury hotel on the island of Tetiaroa once owned by Marlon Brando, where Mr Obama has spent the past three weeks working on his memoirs.”

The Obamas are clearly enjoying well deserved rest and relaxation before hunkering down to write their highly-anticipated memoirs. The Obamas just landed a book deal that surpassed $80 million, breaking the record for post-presidential deals. Previous records set by George W. Bush’s reported $7 million deal and Bill Clinton’s reported $15 million dollar advance.


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