Ayanna Gregory Speaks On The Legacy Her Father Dick Gregory

Ayanna Gregory, daughter of the legendary comic and civil rights activist Dick Gregory, shares some of her fondest, most memorable moments of her dad with WHUR.com.

She went on to explain the Gregory household was unlike any other African American family growing up and her siblings knew that even at a young age. Her dad moved his family from the southside of Chicago to a 300-acre farm in Plymouth, Massachusetts and they thought he was absolutely crazy.

“I wasn’t like my peers. There were times when I wanted to be like everyone else but there was a responsibility and an accountability that even as a child I felt and I knew. But the bigger piece was that I understood that it was a tremendous blessing and an honor.”

Dick Gregory taught his children “the power of the creator of the Universe, the power of humility and that everything we were looking for, we already had it inside of us.”

Ayanna remembered a time when people would ask her dad if he was concerned with the repercussions of speaking out in support of the civil rights movement and her dad responded “is the comedy career going to get in the way of my involvement in this movement.” She went on to say her dad could not be bought.

“My dad was a revolutionary. He left us the blueprint and we didn’t even know it,” Ayanna Gregory tells us.

WATCH as Ayanna Gregory shares the legacy Dick Gregory left behind.

To learn more about the life, legacy and man Dick Gregory, check out his most recent book “Defining Moments in Black History“ and website www.DickGregoryTribute.com.



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