Obama Kicks Off Involvement In Midterm Election Campaign, DC Board of Elections Forgery Hearing

Obama Kicks Off Involvement In Midterm Election Campaign

(Urbana, IL) — Former President Obama is launching his strongest attack yet on President Trump. Speaking at the University of Illinois today, Obama said congressional Republicans remain silent about the “crazy stuff” that is coming out of the Trump White House. He accused Republicans of sidestepping their duties of oversight and accountability.

Trump Calls On Sessions To Investigate NYT Op-Ed

(Aboard Air Force One) — President Trump is calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to find out who wrote this week’s explosive op-ed in the New York Times. The Times calls the anonymous author a senior official in the Trump administration. The author refers to himself or herself as a member of the “resistance,” inside the administration. Talking with reporters on Air Force One today, Trump called it an issue of national security. Trump was asked if he will initiate legal action against the Times. He said, “We’re going to see.”

DC Board of Elections Forgery Hearing


(Washington, DC) — The DC Board of Elections is holding a hearing today on allegations of signature fraud. The Washington Post reports candidate for an at-large seat on the DC Council, S. Kathryn Allen, is being accused of submitting thousands of forged signatures to get on the ballot. The allegations come from the woman who currently holds the seat, Elissa Silverman. Election officials this week disqualified nearly half of the six-thousand signatures of registered voters submitted by Allen’s campaign. Silverman’s campaign is asking that hundreds of others be disqualified as well. The election board is expected to issue a decision by Monday.

Man Who Car Jacked Nun Sentenced To Seven Years

(Washington, DC) — A DC man will serve prison time after carjacking a nun at gunpoint in Northeast Washington. Twenty-year-old Brandon Brown was sentenced to seven years in prison today after he pled guilty in May to charges of carjacking and carrying a pistol without a license. Police say Brown approached the nun in April, who was wearing full clerical garb, put a gun to her head, demanded her car keys and took off in a van belonging to her convent. He was arrested shortly after.

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