A Bond Hearing For Clinton Man Who Confessed To Killing 3 Little Girls, The DMV Prepares For Today’s Eclipse…

A bond hearing for Clinton man who confessed to killing 3 little girls…

A 10 am bond hearing is set for this morning for 25-year-old Antonio Williams. He is the Clinton, Maryland man who over the weekend confessed to fatally stabbing his 6-year-old sister and their 6 and 9-year-old cousins. The little girls were all sleeping in one bed in the basement of the home at the time. Williams was watching them while his mother was at work.

Sentencing for former Prince George’s teacher’s aide Deonte Carraway, state charges remain…

It’s sentencing day for 23-year-old Deonte Carraway. Carraway will be sentenced
today for Federal child pornography charges in connection with several children from Judge Sylvania Elementary School. Carraway still faces 270 state charges in
connection to sexually abusing 12 boys from the school.

The DMV prepares for today’s total Eclipse…

Today’s historic Eclipse is set to impact parts of our area at 2:42 this afternoon. We are not in the path of the total eclipse but we should be able to see 82% of the eclipse between 1:17 and 4:02. This can not be stressed enough please do not look directly into the sun and even with the proper protective glasses, you should look at it no more than a few seconds.

President Trump goes primetime again…

President Trump is set to go prime time to unveil his strategy for Afghanistan. It will begin at 9 tonight and sources say he is expected announced that 4,000 more troops will be sent there to provide support for Afghan troops.

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