A Disgruntle Employee Shoots Into A Hyattsville Grocery Store…

A Disgruntle employee shoots into a Hyattsville grocery store…

It appears a shooting at a Shopper Food Warehouse on
Chillum Road in Hyattsville, may have been committed by
a disgruntled employee. One of the store’s windows was shot
out.Thankfully no one was hurt. The gunman remains at

Killers involved in 3 separate homicides in S.E.. remain on the loose…

In DC Police are working around the clock to solve
3 separate homicides in S.E. since Friday. A 16-year-old
boarding school student who returned home for the holidays
was shot multiple times on “I” street. Investigators do not
believe Brianna McMillion was the target. The other victims
were found on “L” Street and the other on Howard Road. No
arrests have been made in any of the cases.

Jury selection begins in Emanual A.M.E. mass murder case in S.C. …

In Charleston, SC jury selection begins for Dylann Roof.
He’s the self-proclaimed white supremacists accused of shooting
and killing 9 African American parishioners at Emanual AME Church last year.

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