A Tragic End To The Search For A Missing Mother And Two Kids, More Charges Filed In Charles Co. Teachers Aide Sexual Abuse Case…

A tragic end to the search for a missing mother, her toddler son and a cousin…

Police in Loudoun County have confirmed the discovery of the bodies of 27-year-old Courtney Ashe, her 5-year-old son Cameron Martin and their 9-year-old cousin Jaylen Sills-Russell. It was found yesterday in a creek in Leesburg. The vehicle they were in hit a guard rail and flipped into the swollen creek. Autopsy’s on the body will be performed.

Charles Co. Principle removed, more charges filed against teachers aide accused of abusing young boys….

The Principle at Benjamin Stoddard Middle School has been removed from the school. The news came on the same day that prosecutors announced that accused teachers aide Carlos Bell sexually abused 24 students. Investigators say one 13 victims have been identified. 119 additional charges were filed against him on Monday. Police believe there could be more, parents are urged to talk to their kids if they came in contact with Bell.

President Trump may be in some hot water for a statement he crafted for his son…

The “Washington Post” is reporting that President Donald Trump “personally dictated” his son’s statement about his meeting with the Russian Attorney. The statement was not truthful and some say it could be of interest to the Special Counsel looking into claims the Trump camp colluded with Russian leaders to affect the outcome of the Presidential Election.

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