Comey Testifies About Trump Conversations, Castile Killing

Comey Testifies About Trump Conversations

James Comey is providing details of some of his conversations with President Trump while he was still FBI director. He tells the Senate Intelligence Committee he got some mixed messages. Comey says Trump told him he was looking forward to working with him, but then seemed to want something in return for allowing him to remain as FBI director. Comey says Trump also made an unusual request for loyalty. Trump abruptly fired Comey last month, and Comey says he was “confused” and “concerned” when the president claimed Comey had undermined the morale of the FBI.

WH: President Is Not A Liar

The White House says “the President is not a liar.” White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told a press briefing exactly that after former FBI director James Comey ripped the President for — quote — telling “lies” after he was fired. Comey told a Senate hearing that Trump’s claim that he was fired because of reduced morale and turmoil at the FBI were “lies, plain and simple.” Sanders then added “it’s insulting” that the question about Trump’s truthfulness would ever be raised.

Mayor’s Campaign Committee Fined Over Excess Donations

The campaign committee for Mayor Muriel Bowser is being fined for accepting excessive donations. In March, nonprofit organization Public Citizen noticed Bowser’s committee held onto over eleven-thousand-dollars in illegal contributions made during her 2014 run for mayor. On Tuesday, her team was fined 13-thousand dollars. That’s more than her predecessor Vincent Gray was fined last year for not reporting contributions in 2010.

Expert Witness: Yanez’s Action In Castile Killing Was Unreasonable

The manslaughter trial of a St. Anthony cop accused of gunning down Philando Castile is resuming today. Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez shot the victim during a traffic stop last summer in Falcon Heights. During yesterday’s court session, retired California police official Jeffrey Noble testified for the prosecution. He denounced officer Yanez’s use of deadly force calling it “unreasonable.” Meanwhile, defense lawyers say the officer on trial could take the witness stand.

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