DC DC Police Investigate Two Men Shot In The Face, One Victim Has Died…

DC Police investigate the shooting of two men in the face, one was fatal…

DC Police are working two separate cases of men being shot in the face this morning.
The incidents happened in North East. One victim died. Police have not released details on the possible suspect(s).

The DC City Council votes today on an emergency bill to hire more police…

Today the DC City Council is set to take up an emergency vote on a bill to increase the police work force. Council member Vincent Gray who is proposing giving incentives to keep existing officers says the department is at a 10 year low. The proposal calls for the number of police officers to go from 37-hundred to 42-hundred. $64 million dollars collected from automated traffic fines and tickets will fund the hiring.

Democrats stage a Senate protest against Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education…

Democrats are standing in unity against the nomination of Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education. The lawmakers have staged a protest on the Senate floor that is running 18 hours and counting. Illinois Dick Durbin say DeVos is not qualified.
Two republican have broken ranks to say they will not vote for her but unless one more comes over she will likely be confirmed. The Senates vote is set for Noon.

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