Detroit Board Of Education Is Saying Good Riddance To Ben Carson

Contributed by Taylor Ardrey

Detroit is telling Ben Carson good riddance.

According to The Detroit News, The Detroit Board of Education is striving to rename several schools and buildings in the district and a 6-1 vote concluded that Detroit’s Benjamin Carson High School should be one of them.

According to the district, the board can opt to change a school’s name to honor “individuals who have made a significant contribution to the enhancement of education.”

Detroit native and former Republican presidential candidate, Carson, has made major contributions to medicine and neurosurgery. However, after his public political support for Donald Trump, the administration has been working on the renaming process. The residents of the district do not stand with Trump therefore are not afraid from disassociating from Carson.

Despite the 6-1 vote, the renaming process of the buildings in the district is in its early stages. The board administration must orchestrate meetings with the community and take surveys before any final verdict is put to the forefront. The communities decision is what it will be ultimately.

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