Double Homicide In P.G. Co. Makes The 10th In 8 Days…

Double homicide in P.G. Co. makes the 10th in 8 days ….

Police in Prince George’s County are working to solve their 9 and 10th homicide in 8 days. Both men were shot Sunday night near a popular fast food restaurant on Silver Hill Road. Detectives are not sure if the suspects shot each other of if a third person was the shooter.

Selfie Killer makes his first court appearance…

The man dubbed the Selfie Murder, Navar Beverly is expected to make his first court appearance for the murder of his stepfather Ronald Pinkney. Beverly is accused of choking the elderly man to death at his Bowie home over the weekend. Sources say the two had a long-standing tense relationship. Sources say Beverly told his mother “I told you I would do it”.

Donald Trump Jr admits to meeting with a Russian Lawyer about possible damaging information about Hillary Clinton during the election…

The New York Times is reporting that Donald Trump Jr has changed his story and is now admitting that he did meet with an attorney with ties to the Kremlin. The purpose of the meeting was to hear damaging information about Hillary Clinton during the election. Trump Jr. says he met with the female Lawyer in June of 2016 but he didn’t know who she was. He then said she ended up talking about a program to help American’s adopt more Russian children.

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