Explosive Devices Sent To The Obama’s and Clinton’s, Suitland Parkway Shooter Sought By Police

Explosive devices sent to the Obama’s, Clinton and CNN offices…

The U.S. Secret Service is investigation several suspicious or explosive devices found yesterday and this morning. This morning an explosive package addressed to Former President Barack Obama in Washington, DC was intercepted. Agents found a bomb at the New York home of former Secretary of State Hillary and Former President Bill Clinton. Suspicious packages were also discovered at the CNN’s Time Warner Center in New York. Officials say at not time were the Obama’s and Clintons in any danger.

Officials say there is a common return address on each of the packages. Each of the devices appear to have similar mechanisms, wires and powder. One package has been detonated as a precaution.

The Secret Service says that reports that they stopped a suspicious package mailed to the White House is not true.

Suitland Parkway shooter sought by police…

Prince George’s County Police are still searching for the gunman involved in yesterday’s deadly gun play on Suitland Parkway. The victim shot later died at the hospital. He has been identified as 23 year old Jerome Robinson of Southeast.

Detectives believe that two people in separate vehicles may have gotten into some type of dispute before getting onto Suitland Parkway. Once the two vehicles were on the parkway suspects in each of the vehicle were firing at each other. Some vehicles not involved were hit with gun fire. Thankfully no one else was hurt. Investigators are looking for a white Audi that witnesses say was involved in the shootout.

Police say the suspect(s) could be armed and dangerous. Witnesses say they saw a machine gun. Shell cases from a semi automatic gun were found at the scene.

Arrest made in rape of a teen in Rockville …

It did not take police long to identify and arrest a suspect in connection with Mondays rape of a teen girl in Rockville. Last night police arrested 21 year old Malachi Raymond in his Rockville home.

The 17 year old victim told police that on Monday she boarder a Metro bus en route to the Twinbrook Metro Station. Once on the bus a male struck up a conversation with her. She got off at her stop and he got off as well. She said as she walked to her destination he tried to kiss her and she refused. She says that’s when he forced her to go into a parking deck were he raped her in the stair well.

After the rape he reportedly walked her back to the Twinbrook Metro Station and let her go. She called police and told them that he had a tattoo under his right eye. Using that information investigators were able to identify and track him down using surveillance video.

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