Former Teachers Aide Due In Court On Md State Charges Of Child Pornography, An S.E. Mother Of 3 Is Killed As She Held Her Toddler, Search On For Toddlers Father..

Former teachers aide due in court on Md state charges of child pornography…

Former Prince George’s County teacher’s aide Deonte Carraway is due in a courtroom today on state child sex abuse charges. The 23-year-old is already serving 75 years in prison on Federal charges. Most of Carraway’s victims were from the school he volunteered at Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary.

 An S.E. mother of 3 is killed as she held her toddler, search on for toddlers father…

DC Police are calling the death of a 30-year-old mother of 3 in S.E. yesterday a case of domestic violence. Friends say the victim called police hours before she was killed to tell them that she had a stay away for the child’s father and that he was threatening to kill her. Police are looking for the child’s father.

Puerto Rican’s growing impatient and angry over delay in vital help…

It’s been a week since Hurricane Maria hit and for the 3 million people who call Puerto Rico home, they have not seen the help from the U.S. like expected. Roads
remained blocked, there’s still little to no food or medical supplies or services. There’s no clean running water and only 5% of the country has electricity. The President
is due to make a visit next Tuesday, he says more help is on the way.

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