Fourth Day Of Protests In St.Louis, White House – Black Colleges

Fourth Day Of Protests In St. Louis Begins

Protests are underway in St. Louis, Missouri for the fourth day in a row. Demonstrations took place Friday after a white former policeman was acquitted for the 2011 murder of a black man. A peaceful group marched in the downtown area of the city this morning, ultimately making their way to City Hall. No injuries or arrests were reported. This comes after a night of violence in which 80 people were arrested Sunday. The violence yesterday appears to have been instigated by a small group who stayed behind in the streets after other protesters had left. Officers in riot gear used pepper spray in efforts to disperse the leftovers.

White House – Black Colleges

President Donald Trump has named a new executive director for the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  Jonathan M. Holifield says he looks forward to increasing the universities’ contribution to the American economy and workforce. He spoke at the Old Executive Office Building Monday.  Holifield’s appointment answers one complaint of the leaders of those institutions who say the administration has been making slow progress on its promise to move the initiative from the Education Department to the White House.  Trump was not at the White House to meet the HBCU leaders or the student leaders.  Holifield is an attorney, civil rights advocate and business leader from Ohio who has written about improving the performance of underrepresented Americans in the economy.

Skimming Device Found In Laurel

Laurel Police are reminding ATM users to remain vigilant. A skimming device and pinhole camera were discovered on a cash machine at an area 7-Eleven on Saturday afternoon. A citizen allegedly found the devices and reported them to the authorities. Police say users should look for any discolorations, defects, or signs of tampering before using an ATM.

HIV-Infected Smokers More Likely To Die From Lung Cancer Than HIV Complications

A new study is shedding some light on HIV and smoking. The study shows HIV-infected smokers are more likely to die from lung cancer than from complications of HIV itself. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital estimate that nearly a quarter of people who adhere to their anti-HIV medication, but continue to smoke, will develop lung cancer and die. The finding is significant because while just 15 percent of the adult population smokes, more than 40 percent of those living with HIV are smokers.

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