Hillary Clinton Concedes….

Hillary Clinton concedes….

Hours after loosing the hard fought Presidential election against Donald Trump Hillary Clinton conceded publically this morning and she vowed to work with Trump to unite the country. Earlier this morning Trump told his supporters that Clinton had called to congratulate him. He then went on to praise her for commitment to the country.

President Obama set to speak at 12:15…

At 12:15 President Obama is set to address the American public. The President has invited President-elect Donald Trump to meet with him tomorrow at the White House. Last night the Commander and Chief released a video via Buzzfeed News reminding Americans that we will still be the greatest nation on earth and not to let the outcome change your drive to vote in the future.

Religious help for those having a tough time with the election outcome…

Some American’s are really having trouble dealing with yesterday’s Presidential outcome. This morning the National Cathedral is offering healing services throughout the day to anyone in need after this hostile and divisive Presidential Election. To find out about the times for today’s “healing and reconciliation services’ go to cathedral.org for more details.

DC Mayor holds a Noontime press conference on affordable housing…

At the top of the hour, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser will hold a press conference to update residents on DC Statehood. The Mayor will also release a report on recommendations from an 18 member panel on how the city can produce and preserve affordable housing for families in the city.

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