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Obama Extends American Troop Presence In Afghanistan

The American military presence in Afghanistan will extend into the next presidency.  Speaking today at the White House, President Obama said nearly ten-thousand U.S. troops will remain in Afghanistan through next year.  More than five-thousand American forces will remain in Afghanistan into 2017.  He said they will not be in combat roles.  The President cited the continuing threat posed by the Taliban, explaining that U.S. forces will continue training and advising Afghan security forces on counterterrorism operations.

Sixteen Protesters Arrested At City Hall

Baltimore City Police say 16 protesters are being charged with trespassing following last night’s demonstration at City Hall.  They were part of a larger group who disrupted last night’s appointment hearing for interim Police Commissioner Kevin Davis and stayed well past midnight.  Those arrested range in age from 16 to 38 and only two live outside the city.  Three juveniles were part of the group cuffed and hauled away in police vans early this morning. 

Pumpkin Boycott Over “Black Lives Matter”

The president of a Virginia police union wants people to boycott a pumpkin patch because of a nearby “Black Lives Matter” sign.  The union leader says the sign in a house window near Cox Farms in Centreville is a “slap in the face” to police officers.  The owners of the farm responded by saying they’ve always had a “very positive relationship” with police, they’re not “anti-cop” and they’re surprised by the boycott and what they call “hateful accusations.”  The “Washington Post” reports the union leader said the sign was displayed on a farm management building, but Cox Farms says the building is a private residence of one of its owners and not on farm property.

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