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DC Police investigate 6 shootings between last night and this morning…

The victim reportedly shot in the head earlier this morning in an apartment on 14th street in the Columbia Heights neighbor is alive. The injuries are said to be serious. The search continues for the gunman. This shooting follows 4 separate shootings in S.E. and 1 in N.E. last night into this morning.

The FBI releases the latest on Orlando mass shootings…

We have the latest on the victims from the Orlando Nightclub shooting spree. 27 remain in the hospital and 5 are in ICU. All of the dead have been identified. Investigators say the suspected shooter Omar Marteen may have been living a double life. The FBI says Marteen’s wife has admitted that she tried to talk him out of doing it. She has even admitted to driving one time to the night club. She could face criminal charges. Marteen was active on several dating apps for gay men. President Obama will visit the victims families on Thursday.

Polls in DC stay open until 8, 7 in Va…

DC residents will select their choice for President under the Democratic ticket today. The polls close at 8. Former DC Mayor Vincent Gray is trying to return to politics as he takes on Yvette Alexander in the Ward 7 City Council race. The At Large race has incumbent Vincent Orange taking on David Garber & Robert White. In Ward 4 Brandon Todd is facing off with Leon Andrews and Calvin Gurley to stay in his special election seat. In Ward 8 LaRuby May is being challenged Trayon White. In Va, voters in Alrington will choose from two for County Board member. The polls in Va close at 7.

Clinton and Sanders meet today…

Later today Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will meet behind closed doors. Sanders is expected to talk to Clinton about fighting for a progressive platform during the DNC and if she wins the White House. Sources close say Sanders is expected to rally his supporters behind Clinton.

White House holds the first of its kind “United State of Women Summit”…

On a up note –Some very influential and powerful women are gathered at the Washington Convention Center right now for the first of it’s kind “United State of Women Summit”. The White House Counsel on Women and Girls panel discussion in entitled “Breaking The Cycle of Poverty Economic for women and families. Special guests speakers include Wanda Durrant, NBA Star Kevin Durrants mother, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet & Kerri Washington. The President and the First Lady will address the group later today.

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