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Robberies Up 28-Percent From A Year Ago 

Washington has a robbery spike on its hands.  “The Washington Post” says there have been 277 robberies so far in 2016.  Despite the lull during last weekend’s blizzard, robberies are up 28-percent in the District compared to the same time last year.  The news comes after word of two arrests yesterday for three armed robberies in the District.  Phillip Thompkins was arrested last night for two armed robberies within three hours early yesterday morning.  Brandon Wilson was also arrested yesterday for shoving a woman and stealing her purse on January 5th.

Bowie Water Main Repaired

A massive water main break in Bowie has been repaired.   WSSC crews had a difficult time digging through the snow and ice to reach the valve in the 36 hundred block of Mitchellville Road near Excalibur Road.  The valve was finally shut off, and repairs were completed.  For several hours, a stretch of Mitchellville Road was completely underwater. 

Obama Pushing Fair Pay Rule

The White House wants private businesses with 100 or more workers to submit more specific information about how employees are paid.  The data would be run through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  In a statement, Labor Secretary Tom Perez said the government “can’t deliver on the promise of equal pay unless we have the best, most comprehensive information about what people earn.”

Weekend Kicks Off Warming Trend

Enjoy the sight of snow on the ground, because pretty soon it’ll be gone.  A warming trend will begin this weekend, with Saturday featuring sunny skies and highs in the mid 40s.  Sunday will see highs near 50, and the first half of next week will feature temperatures near 60 degrees.

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