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Obama Picks Appellate Court Judge For Supreme Court

Federal Appeals Court Judge Merrick Garland is President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court. During a ceremony in the Rose Garden, the President said he chose Garland after an exhaustive search. He called Garland one of America’s top legal minds and a man of decency, integrity and even-handedness. An emotional Garland called the nomination the greatest honor of his life. Garland would replace veteran conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died last month. However, Senate Republican leaders vow to ignore Obama’s nomination.

DC Metro Shut Down, Traffic Nightmare A Real Possibility

Washington, DC is dealing with traffic issues as the Metro rail system remains shut down. Metro made that dramatic decision Tuesday afternoon after an electric cable caught fire. The safety check is aimed at avoiding a repeat of a deadly smoke incident at a station last year. DC officials have been scrambling to increase bus service and provide alternative transportation.

SLC GOP Debate Canceled

Salt Lake City’s Republican debate is canceled. The decision to cancel followed Donald Trump’s comments to “Fox and Friends” that he’s not showing up because he didn’t know about it when it was announced last month. He says he’s scheduled to speak at a pro-Israel conference during the scheduled time on Monday. John Kasich said he sees no point in showing up if the frontrunner isn’t there.


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