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DC Bus Hijacked, Pedestrian Killed

A pedestrian is dead and a suspect is in custody after a Metrobus was hijacked in Washington DC today.  Police Chief Cathy Lanier says a man boarded the bus and stabbed the driver with a sharp tool.  The suspect allegedly took over the empty bus and three minutes later crashed into a gas station, fatally striking a person in the parking lot.  Lanier says the suspect was quickly apprehended after the bus crash.

NTSB: Metro Totally Failed In Smoke Incident

The National Transportation Safety Board is harshly criticizing Metro’s safety culture as it releases a report on last year’s deadly smoke incident near the L’Enfant Plaza station.  Everything from inadequately maintained power cables and cable-connection assemblies on the tracks, to ventilation problems to poor communications were cited.  NTSB member Robert Sumwalt said this morning that whatever could go wrong did go wrong, and that “there was a litany of errors that came together that caused this tragedy.”  A woman died and dozens of other passengers were injured when smoke filled a Yellow Line train in January 2015.

Indiana Holds Next Big Primary Today

Voters are casting ballots in Indiana’s presidential primary.  It could be the last chance for Republican hopeful Ted Cruz to slow frontrunner Donald Trump’s momentum.  According to an NBC News/Survey Monkey poll, the real estate mogul now has 56-percent support.  That’s 34 points better than rival Ted Cruz who has 22 percent.  On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 54-to-40-percent.  Indiana is a winner-take-all state for Republicans with 57 delegates available.

Morgan State Designated “National Treasure”

Baltimore’s Morgan State University is celebrating a special honor bestowed upon only one other historically black college in the country.  The National Trust for Historic Preservation today designated Morgan a “national treasure,” which means the Trust will work with the school to preserve its historic buildings on campus.  A grant of more than 100-grand will be used to develop a preservation plan.  Howard University in DC is the only other historically black college to earn the designation.

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