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No Charges Against Minneapolis Officers In Jamar Clark Shooting

Two white police officers in Minneapolis are being cleared in the shooting death of a black man.  Jamar Clark was shot in the head last November after a struggle with police.  Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced at a news conference today that evidence did not support criminal charges against officers Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze.  Freeman says evidence showed that Clark was never handcuffed and that he had taken an officer’s gun.  Freeman said civilian witnesses offered conflicting accounts of whether the victim was handcuffed.

Obama Commutes Sentences Of 61 Prisoners

President Obama is commuting the sentences of 61 prisoners who have been serving time for drug-related offenses.  It is part of the President’s campaign for criminal justice reform.  He has argued that overcrowded federal prisons are holding too many people serving long sentences for nonviolent drug offenses.  White House Counsel Neil Eggleston criticized what he called outdated and unduly harsh prison sentences.  Meantime, the President had lunch with several formerly incarcerated people who have received commutations.

MedStar Still Struggling After Cyberattack

MedStar hospitals are said to still be struggling after this week’s cyberattack.  The “Washington Post” reports that computers remain offline today at nine of their DC area hospitals including Georgetown University Hospital.  However, in a statement, MedStar Health says “the three main clinical information systems supporting patient care are moving to full restoration, and enhanced functionality continues to be added to other systems.”  The statement goes on to say that clinicians can now review medical records and submit orders electronically, despite contradictory reports to the Post.

Regional Summit On Metro Held

There’s optimism things will get better after a regional summit on Metro.  The Council of Governments and the Board of Trade put together this morning’s meeting in Northwest and took note of the transit system’s safety and management failures.  However, attendees expressed confidence in new General Manager Paul Wiedefeld and talked about solutions.  The summit comes as Metro marks 40 years of rail service to the DC area.

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