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Pope To Congress: Embrace Immigration

Pope Francis is urging U.S. lawmakers to embrace immigration.  Addressing a deeply divided U.S. Congress, the Pontiff said nations should not fear foreigners.  He added, “Most of us were once foreigners.”  That line was a crowd-pleaser for Democrats.  Republicans cheered when the Pope spoke out against abortion, saying every life is sacred.  He argued that human life must be protected and defended at every stage of its development.  Francis also insisted that the death penalty must be abolished.  

Controversial Mural Discussed by Jefferson County Commissioners

The Jefferson County Commission is holding a meeting today on a controversial courthouse mural depicting black slaves picking cotton at the feet of a white woman.  Earlier today, The NAACP demanded the mural be removed immediately, calling it offensive, racist and oppressive. One commissioner says the county should also remove swastikas that have adorned the courthouse entrance since 1931.

Facebook Users Vent Frustration Over Outage

Facebook users are venting their frustration about the social network’s outage today by turning to another medium — Twitter.  A widely reported breakdown of Facebook’s web and mobile platforms sent people to Twitter, making the hashtag “FacebookDown” a top trending topic.  Many users voiced their angst about the outage and jokingly wondered about how they would fill their time without the popular site.  Facebook hasn’t commented on the reason for the outage.

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