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Service Change At Stadium Armory Station

Starting this week, Metro’s Stadium Armory station becomes Blue Line only during rush hours.  Metro says starting tomorrow, only Blue Line trains will stop at Stadium-Armory during week day rush hours.  All other Orange and Silver Line trains will pass through without stopping.  The change is aimed at reducing congestion while Metro rebuilds a power substation that caught fire last week. 

DC Water To Charge Extra Fee For Pipe Replacement

Your DC Water bills are about to go higher.  Starting next month, the utility says it will begin charging an extra “Water System Replacement Fee” to help pay for the replacement of aging underwater pipes.  The fees will be based on the size of the property’s water meter.  The minimum fee each customer will face will be $6.30.  The maximum monthly fee will be $9.67. 

Maryland Getting More Strict On Domestic Violence

A new law involving non-marital cases of domestic violence goes into effect this week.  Courts in Maryland will be allowed to make those accused of domestic violence give up their guns starting Thursday.  Laurie Duker with the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence says it’s going to make a difference for the victims.  The law also extends the length of dating restraining orders.                           
Trump Unveils Big Tax Reform Plan

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump says his new tax reform plan provides major tax relief for middle income Americans.  Speaking today in New York, Trump also claimed his plan will simplify the tax code and grow the economy.  Trump said there would be no income taxes for single people making under 25-thousand dollars a year and married couples earning under 50-thousand.  He stressed that his plan would eliminate the marriage tax penalty and the federal inheritance tax, which Republicans call a “death tax.”  The billionaire businessman joked that his plan will cost him a fortune. 

NASA Finds Evidence Of Liquid Water On Mars

NASA says there’s evidence of flowing water on Mars.  The space agency announced today that dark streaks that appear on cliff walls near the planet’s equator are likely water being absorbed from vapor in the Martian air.  NASA officials say it’s an exciting development that furthers research into whether there’s life on the red planet, and how that life could be supported.

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