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Metro Sued Over Deadly Smoke Incident

Metro is being sued by 87 people who were stuck inside a train outside L’Enfant Plaza during last year’s deadly smoke incident.  A lawyer for the plaintiffs says he hopes the suit will serve as a wake up call for Metro to take corrective action and make the subway safer.  The plaintiffs also want to know exactly what was in the smoke and whether they are at risk for future health problems.  Sixty-one-year-old Carol Glover died in the incident exactly one year ago today.

Road Crews Prep For Possible Ice, Snow

Maryland road crews are pre-treating area highways ahead of what could be the season’s first winter storm.  It’s expected to begin as rain this afternoon with no accumulation.  Pavement temperatures could drop, however, and drivers are being warned to prepare for possible slick spots during the evening commute.  Temperatures well below freezing tonight could also cause problems for Wednesday’s morning commute.

New Poll Being Questioned For Its Vincent Gray Support

Some eyebrows are being raised following a new poll that gives Vincent Gray a substantial lead over those who might run in the upcoming DC Council race.  The “Washington Post” reports that Public Policy Polling only surveyed likely Democratic voters who have landline phones.  Many of those who were polled live in Ward 7, which is Gray’s home ward.  What’s more, the poll was commissioned by Gray supporters.

Powerball Sales Surging In DC Area

A day before a record Powerball drawing is scheduled, many DC retailers are reporting huge sales of lottery tickets.  Union Wine and Liquors general manager Jose Romero tells the “Washington Post” his store sold a thousand dollars worth of Powerball tickets in just 25 minutes at one point this morning.  Romero says his store may open 90 minutes early tomorrow morning to sell an even greater number of tickets.  The grand prize total rose again today and now stands at one-point-five-billion dollars.

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