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Wisconsin Police Officer Won’t Face Charges In Death Of Teen

A Wisconsin police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teen in Madison won’t face charges.  Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne announced the decision at a press conference today.

U.S. Military Chopper Missing in Nepal, Death Toll Rises

The Pentagon says a U.S. military helicopter that’s gone missing in Nepal may have had fuel problems.  Six Marines were on board the chopper when the crew was overheard talking about fuel trouble in radio transmissions.  A Pentagon spokesman said search flights have been suspended because of darkness. The death toll now tops 50 after another powerful earthquake rocked Nepal today.  The magnitude 7.3 quake also injured more than eleven-hundred people.

Hogan Signs Body Camera Bill

Legislation designed to clarify issues concerning the use of police body cameras is being enacted in Maryland.  Governor Hogan signed the bill this morning that allows officers to record verbal interactions with the public without violating the state’s “two-party consent” rule.  The measure also requires a statewide commission to study and recommend policies and procedures for police departments on how to issue and use the body cameras.

Former VA Governor Appeals Corruption Conviction

Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell is back in court this morning to appeal his corruption conviction.  McDonnell’s defense team argued the things he did for businessman Jonnie Williams were simply political courtesies, not official acts.  Both McDonnell and his wife were convicted last September of accepting more than 170-thousand dollars in cash, gifts and trips in return for political favor.  McDonnell was sentenced to two years in prison, but remains free on bond pending his appeal.


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