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Plane Skids Off Runway At LaGuardia

LaGuardia Airport in New York City is shut down until this evening after a passenger jet skidded off a runway.  Several injuries, although none life threatening, were reported on Delta Flight 1086, which was heading from Atlanta to the Big Apple.  The plane’s nose is propped up on an embankment at the edge of the runway after it apparently broke through a chain-link fence.  It’s snowing at LaGuardia, but it’s not known if the weather played a role in the incident.  The airport is now closed.

Michael Brown’s Family To File Wrongful Death Suit

Michael Brown’s parents are announcing plans to file a civil suit against Ferguson, Missouri for the death of their son.  They announced the plan for a wrongful death case today following the release of a Justice Department report that found no evidence to charge former police officer Darren Wilson.  The attorneys said that decision was “not in line” with their expectations, but added that they were encouraged by the DOJ holding the city responsible for instances of racism by its employees.

Maryland Lawmakers Approve 70 MPH Limit

A bill allowing a top limit of 70-miles-per-hour on some Maryland highways is speeding to Governor Larry Hogan’s desk.  Both the state Senate and the House of Delegates have approved measures allowing state highway officials to raise the current maximum speed limit of 65 to 70 if they believe it’s safe to do so.  A spokeswoman for the governor tells the “Baltimore Sun” the administration will review the bill.  Passage of the legislation comes after several efforts which cleared the House but failed in a Senate committee under a prior chairman.

Sledding Ban Defied On Capitol Hill

It looks like it’s smooth sailing for sledding at the Capitol.  Pictures and video are showing up online showing dozens of kids and adults sledding on Capitol Hill today, despite small amounts of snow and the fact that it’s illegal.  Capitol Police did manage to shoo away some kids but once members of the media showed up, officers backed off.  Instead, they just handed out copies of the regulation that bans sledding.

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