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Police: WDC Quadruple Murder Suspect May Be In NYC Area

Police are saying a man wanted in connection with the murder of a wealthy Washington, DC family could be in New York City. Suspect Daron Wint is believed to be in Brooklyn. Police also believe the murder was not random and that there was a connection through the business of Savvas Savopoulos. Savopoulos was found murdered in his burned mansion along with this wife, 10-year-old boy and their housekeeper.

Stafford Teacher Sentence To Three Years

A former Stafford County teacher will serve three years in prison for her sex abuse conviction. Erica Mesa was teaching geometry and coaching volleyball at Colonial Forge High School in Stafford County when she admits she had sexual relations with at least four students and former students and sent nude photos of herself to at least one student. A judge today sentenced Erica Mesa to 22 years behind bars but suspended 19 of those years. A tip from the administration at Colonial Forge High last year led to Mesa’s arrest.

Capitol Gyrocopter Pilot Pleads Not Guilty

A Florida man is pleading not guilty to six charges connected to last month’s gyrocopter landing on the U.S. Capitol lawn. A federal judge in the District today also relaxed the home detention restriction for Doug Hughes. The pilot says he takes responsibility for what he did, repeating that he did pulled off the stunt to bring more attention to the issue of money in politics. Hughes says he is open to a possible plea deal to the two felony and four misdemeanor charges which could bring him more than nine years in prison.

Northeast Senate Dems Push For Full Amtrak Funding

A number of Senate Democrats from the Northeast corridor want Amtrak to be fully funded.full funding of Amtrak. In a Capitol news briefing, New York’s Chuck Schumer cited the recent Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia. He accused Republicans of trying to reduce Amtrak funding. Schumer argued that Amtrak needs an infusion 21-billion dollars to “get its infrastructure in a state of good repair.”

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