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White House:  Republicans Playing Politics With National Security

The White House is accusing congressional Republicans of playing politics with national security.  Press Secretary Josh Earnest said today President Obama wants a full funding bill but would sign a three-week extension to prevent a partial shutdown of DHS.  The Department of Homeland Security runs out of money at midnight Eastern time without congressional action.  House Republicans are trying to buy more time to get a measure approved which includes a repeal of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

Report: Mother’s Death May Have Sparked Missouri Shootings

Authorities in Missouri say grief over the death of his mother may have set a gunman on a deadly shooting spree.  Officials in Tyrone, about 150 miles southwest of St. Louis, believe the 36-year-old found his elderly mother dead from natural causes, then shot seven people to death before killing himself overnight.  Police say several of the victims were related.

Actor Leonard Nimoy Dead At 83

Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in the “Star Trek” TV series and movies, is dead at 83.  He was taken to a California hospital earlier this month with chest pains.  The last message on his Twitter feed reads “A life is like a garden.  Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.”  He finished with “LLAP,” a reference to Spock’s signature phrase, “Live Long And Prosper.”  The Boston born Nimoy received four Emmy nominations during his long career, although he never won.

The Science Behind The “White And Gold” Dress

There’s a scientific explanation for why people disagree on the color of a dress in a viral photo.  “ASAP Science” explained in a video today why some people see the dress as white and gold when it’s actually blue and black.  It’s called “color constancy,” and it deals with the way our brains interpret colors. Because of the lighting in the photo, some people’s brains see it as white and gold.  For the record, the dress is definitely black and blue.

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