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Duke Investigates Noose Found In Tree On Campus

Duke University is investigating reports that a noose was found hanging from a tree on its North Carolina campus.  School administrators called it a “hateful and stupid act” and vowed today to hold people accountable.  Student leaders are holding a forum tonight to talk about the incident

White House Criticizes Religious Freedom Laws In Arkansas, Indiana

The White House is criticizing religious freedom laws in Indiana and Arkansas as being contrary to the values of most Americans.  Presidential spokesman Josh Earnest said today that Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson was clearly responding to a growing public outcry when he said he would not sign the controversial bill without changes.  The Republican governor called on state lawmakers to revise the wording in line with federal policy.  The Arkansas bill is similar to a law signed in Indiana that critics say could lead to discrimination against gays and lesbians.

 Georgia Teachers Found Guilty In Grade-Changing Scheme

Nearly a dozen former school employees in Georgia are guilty of conspiring to change student answers on standardized tests.  A jury ruled today in the Atlanta Public Schools case that shook the region and garnered national attention.  The racketeering indictment could lead to prison sentences for the former teachers, principals and administrators.  The 11 former educators artificially inflated scores on a 2009 test to meet federal benchmarks.  The prosecution said bonuses and raises were awarded based on the scores.

DC Officer Receives Congressional Bravery Award

A DC police officer is being recognized by Congress for his courage during the Washington Navy Yard shootings.  Dorian DeSantis received the Badge of Bravery today in Baltimore for shooting and killing gunman Aaron Alexis in September 2013 after Alexis murdered 12 people and wounded four others.  During the incident, DeSantis was shot but his vest protected him from severe injury or worse.  Among those on hand at the ceremony were Maryland Senator Ben Cardin, Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings and DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

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