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The cause of death is released in Monday’s Plane Crash

The official cause of death for the mother and her 6 week old son and 3 year old son was smoke inhalation. The cause of death for the three people on board the twin engine plane was due to traumatic injuries. NTSB officials have ruled out engine failure and bird strikes as a cause for the crash. The probe for answers continues.

Lawmakers on the hill are taking it down to the wire –in funding a bill to keep the Gov’t open beyond Thursday

It appears lawmakers have reached a $1.1 trillion dollar budget deal that would fund most of the federal government until next September. The House however is not planning a final vote on it until tomorrow, which will only give the Senate a few hours to approve it and or make changes or reject it. Senate leaders are upset over Presidents Obama’s use of executive powers on immigration reform and they are threatening to place a provision in the bill that would block the Districts recently approved marijuana law. Protest around that possible decision is expected today in the District.

More Civil Rights protest planned for DC today

Nine mothers who lost their son as a result of a police related shooting plan to head to Capitol Hill this morning and meet with lawmakers to tell their stories of anger, frustration and pain. At 5 they will lead a candlelight vigil outside of the U.S. Justice Department. Around 12:30 some medical students from George Washington University will take part in a White Coat die-in, to protest the recent decisions made by grand jury’s in Ferguson, Missouri and New York.

The Wiz look for another win on the road

The Washington Wizards are in sunny Orlando Florida for tonights 7 pm match up with the Magic.

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