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A reporter and news crew fatally shot in W.V. this morning…

News sources are reporting a reporter and two members of her news team were fatally shot this morning while conducting an interview in West Virginia.  I will have more at Noon.

Virginia first woman and black trooper honored, 26 years after dying in the line of duty…

The state of Virginia is doing right by a State Trooper who died 26 years ago in the line of duty without recognition. Today the state’s first woman and African American Trooper Jacqueline Vernon will have a overpass named after her at 395
and South Glebe Road.

DC regulators reject Exelon deal, utility company has 30 days to appeal…

DC Regulators have rejected the Pepco Exelon merger. Officials say the deal would not be benefical to residents. The utility company has 30 days to appeal their decision. Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware have all approved the proposal.

Metro leaders decide not to suspend service in a part of S.E….

Metro Officials have had a change of heart and they have lifted the temporary
suspension of services after 7pm on Elvans Avenue in S.E., in response to two violent incidents. Officials will now deploy more transit police along the troubled

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