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More ambulances headed to DC, next month…

DC Fire DC Fire Chief is responding to yet another case of an infant that had to be rushed to the hospital by a fire truck because an ambulance was not near by. Chief Gregory Dean says 14 ambulances will be added to the fleet to help with the shortage. The one month old who was in distress survived, that was not the case last week for a 5 month old.

Getting to see a police body cam video may not be as easy as first stated in the District…

It may not be as easy as you think to gain access to police body cam video in DC. Despite comments of supporting public access to all body cam video recorded outside, yesterday DC Mayor Muriel Boswer released a plan that restricts public access to certain videos, like assault. In addition, if you file a complaint against an officer, you will not be able to see that video unless a judge rules that you can or if there’s great public interest.

A big decision is expected today in the Freddie Gray case, police are preparing for the worst…

Baltimore City Officials and Police are bracing for possible unrest today following an expected decision from a judge on whether the 6 Officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray should have their trials moved out of the city. All officers are on call and there is additional support available from other jurisdictions, if needed.

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