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The 45th Annual CBC is in town, find out how you can take part…

The 45th Annual Congressional Black Caucus starts this morning with a 8:45 Professional Development Series for Educators at the Washington Convention Center. A.A. lawmakers from across the nation are in town for this annual event the focuses on issues that matter in our communities. You can find a list of events to take part in at President Obama is slated to speak at the Phoenix Awards Dinner over the weekend.

An indictment is made in a nearly 6 year old Va. Tech murder case…

A grand jury has finally issued an indictment in the murder of Va Tech Student Morgan Harrington. The suspect Jesse Matthew is already in police custody for the murder of UVA student Hannah Graham. Matthew will appear in court today to answer to the new murder charges some 6 years after Harrington disappeared from a Metallica concert in Charlottesville.

DC’s Mayor agrees to build a new basketball arena…

DC Mayor Bowser and the owner of the Washington Mystic Ted Leonsis plan to announce that they are going to build a new arena for the team on the East Campus of the former St. Elizabeth Hospital in S.E.. The cost $55 million dollars. The expected revenue over the next 20 year’s $90 million dollars.

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