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8 people are clinging onto life after a fiery collision with a truck kills 4 others…

Questions remain about yesterday fatal head on collision of a pick up truck that slammed into a church van filled with people. Four are dead, including a child. Fourteen others were injured eight are in critical condition, some are children. Sunday’s accident happened in the 2-hundred block of Chillum Road.

Sudden cracks in the walls and ceiling displace more than 20 families in Lanham…

Twenty-two families in Prince George’s County are homeless this following an earthquake like shake at their apartment building on Good Luck Road in Lanham.
Structural Engineers are due at the apartment complex later this morning.

Racial tension at Missouri University leads to student and faculty demanding the ouster of President Wolfe…

In Missouri, more than 2 dozen black football players from Missouri University are refusing to play until the president steps down. It’s in response to some disturbing racial incidents on campus that they say went unaddressed. Some faculty and
students plan a 10 am walk out. An emergency meeting has been called by the University’s Governing Body this morning. President Tim Wolfe is refusing to step down. Now, if the football team does not play this weekend the University stands to loose a million dollars in revenue.

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