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Police have the gunman who opened fire at a college in Arizona, one person was killed…

The gunman taken into police custody this morning for a fatal mass shooting at Northern Arizona University has not been identified. One person is dead and three others were injured. Later today President Obama heads to Roseburg, Oregon were a gunman killed 9 people at a University last week.

No word on what caused a fatal track trailer accident on Suitland Parkway…

There’s still no word on what caused a tractor trailer driver to loose control of his rig and flip over the outer loop of the beltway onto Suitland Parkway. The driver died. Avoid the roadway if possible.

The City of North Charleston reaches a historic settlement in the fatal shooting of an unarmed motorist by police…

A $6.4 Million Dollar settlement has been reached by the North Charleston City Council in the police shooting death of Walter Scott. The family who now plans to focus on the murder charges facing the former officer, says they will donate a portion of the settlement for relief efforts to residents in South Carolina devastated by the massive flooding.

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