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Police search for a missing 12 year old girl in DC…

There’s grown concern for a missing DC girl who may be in need of her medication. Police are desperately looking for 12 year old Skyy Amari Young. She went missing yesterday after being seen along Alabama Avenue in S.E. You can see an image of her on any of my social media accounts.

Investigators look for a motif in yesterday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino…

There are so many questions to what prompted a government worker to open fire on his co workers and others at a office holiday party yesterday in San Bernardino, California. The shooters have been identified as husband and wife, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik. Former FBI Agent Bill Kowalski says there’s word they may have been wearing go pro camera’s trapped to their body armor. Farook and Malik were killed after a massive manhunt and then a shoot out with police. 14 people were killed and 17 others suffered serious injuries.

Day two of the William Porter trail continues in Baltimore…

The trail of the first Baltimore Police Officer accused in the death of Freddie Gray enters its second day. The prosecution is expected to call more witnesses. Yesterday an instructor from the Police Academy testified that William Porter was trained on how to deal with medical issues such as Gray. Porter is on trial for what he failed to do for Gray when he asked for help after complaining that he could not breathe.

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