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The President assures Americans the he has a plan to fight terrorism…

President Obama held a rare Oval Office public address Sunday night about his plans to destroy ISIS. The Commander and Chief assured American’s that his administration had a strong strategic plan to identify and destroy ISIS. The President called on Congress to pass legislation to ban people on the “no fly” list from access to semi automatic weapons. Obama also called on Muslims in the U.S. to help identify radical extremist.

D.O.J. expected to launch probe into Chicago Police Dept….

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is expected to announce this week that the Department of Justice will launch a broad civil rights probe into the Chicago Police Department. It’s in direct response to the shooting death of 17 year old LeQuan McDonald by a police officer who was recently charged with his murder.

Wilson H.S. student due in court today for bringing gun to school…

The Wilson High School student arrested after be brought a loaded semi automatic hand gun to school is due in court this morning. The teens father said he feared for his life. The teen faces some serious charges and could be expelled.

Washington takes on Dallas tonight…

It’s the game we have all been waiting for Washington against Dallas. Kick off is at 8:30. Metro will stay open an hour later.

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