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Attorney’s and the Judge in the William Porter mistrial talk about a retrial…

The legal teams and the judge in the mistrial of William Porter are due to meet today behind closed doors to discuss if the former Baltimore Police Officer will be retried in the death of Freddie Gray. Protester took to the streets yesterday after the decision was made. Two people were arrested. The city is calling for calm. The President of the Baltimore NAACP Chapter, Tessa Hill-Alston is urging protesters to be safe and not to go up against police officers because they trained to take you down. At 10 this morning their will be a press conference by community
leaders who want to offer alternatives for young protesters to express
their feelings about the outcome.

D.O.J. set to meet with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel…

Department of Justice Officials will meet with the Mayor of Chicago today. It’s apart of their civil rights probe into the city’s police department following the release of video that showed a white police officer shooting a a.a. teen who was on the ground 16 times.

A Metrobus driver is stabbed by a passenger, police arrest a suspect…

A metro bus driver was stabbed following an argument with a rider in S.E. It happened last night around 10 at Martin Luther King Jr Ave and 1st Street. A suspect has been taken into custody.

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