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DC Mayor signs a bill to equip officers with body cams…

All DC Police Officers could be equipped with body camera’s by the Spring. Later this morning DC Mayor Muriel Bowser will sign off on the legislation that will fund the camera’s for an additional 2,400 officers. 400 already have them. The cost $5.1 million dollars. Officers will also be able to review the footage before writing their police report.

Chicago’s Mayor announces big changes to their police department…

Big changes are coming to Chicago’s Police Department, this following 3 fatal police shootings of African Americans. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is expected to announce changes to the departments use of force policy, require all officers to wear tasers and he will also require additional training for officers.

More protest expected in Cleveland today…

In Cleveland, Activist plan to protest again today over the grand jury decision not to indict the two officers involved in the shooting death of 12 year old Tamir Rice who was holding a play gun. About 100 demonstrators turn up last night to voice their anger.

DC’s Public School lottery registration has begun…

It’s the start of the District annual Public and Charter School lottery registration. Parents have until February 1st for 9th – 12th grades and March 1st for preK and 3rd – 8th grades. You can go to for the application and additional information.

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